The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce: Make the Cash Register Ring!

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... we all know that sound. Store owners LOVE that sound. Make the Cash Register Ring! Now, what about all the online store owners out there, where’s your ”?

Let’s take a closer look at the exciting world of Ecommerce and Internet Entrepreneurs.

Do you dream of owning your own online business?

Do you want to generate passive income?

Do you yearn to be independent and set your own schedule?

If the answer to any of those questions is you need to give Ecommerce and Passive Income a look.

According to the website eMarketer, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated ecommerce growth by 30%, boosting online shopping.

It's time to jump on the Ecommerce bandwagon and Make the Cash Register Ring!

My goal is to de-mystify the clutter surrounding Ecommerce and give you a roadmap to follow so you can run a successful Ecommerce store and earn passive (or active) income.

The work surrounding a thriving Ecommerce store starts BEFORE you build the store and continues AFTER the store is launched. I can help you navigate the pre- and post-planning.

I will educate you to make better decisions for your business with an outcome of making THE CASH REGISTER RING!

I will keep it simple yet fast-paced; agility is not just required, it's a necessity. This industry changes often and fast.

You are also invited become part of my networking community, I love this stuff and will help where I can.

I’ve been involved in online marketing for many years (I wrote my first html code in 1993… that’s shortly after Al Gore invented the Internet… 😎) and will share my learnings with you!

And, when I refer to Ecommerce Passive Income, I’m talking about what happens after you’ve done the hard work and heavy lifting.

When an income stream is passive, it means it requires little to no maintenance to keep the money flowing.

Now, that doesn't mean it can simply be completely ignored or forgotten about.

Why You Need This Guide

Being financially independent is having passive income greater than your burn. It’s not just your income, but your income-to-expense ratio, that determines if you’re comfortable or not.

That doesn’t just happen… it takes work and planning!

The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce: Make the Cash Register Ring! was developed for wannabe Internet entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketing teams, marketing managers & marketing interns who either have an Ecommerce store or is thinking about starting a new web store.

And since it’s a complex topic, it's not easy to know where to begin.

- Where do I start?

- How do I grow my online business?

- Do I need a business plan?

- I’m NOT an accountant, business analysts or marketing guru, how do I develop a plan for my business?

- What do I need to know about the mindset of online shoppers?

- How do I promote my store through Social Media and Email?

- What about Marketing Plans and what the heck is SEO/SEM?

- I have an online store. Why am I not selling more products?

- What are the fundamentals of Ecommerce I need to be aware of to run a successful online store?

I've answered all those questions -- and many, many more -- in this updated new guide to help you Make the Cash Register Ring!

Who Doesn't Need This Guide?

I think most online entrepreneurs and marketing enthusiasts could benefit from the information in this whitepaper -- but this guide might not be a fit for you if:

- You need help designing and building an Ecommerce store, or you are looking for an Ecommerce platform recommendation.

- You're looking for a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme.

However, if you are planning an Ecommerce website (selling products, dropship and/or affiliate store), this eBook will be of tremendous value to you.

If there is only one take-away from this eBook:

Get It All For Just $10!

That's right: You can get my decades worth of Ecommerce knowledge and expertise for as little as $9.99.

Call me crazy, but I want the world of Ecommerce to be as accessible to everyone as possible.

So, I haven't put a price tag on my hard work and experience.

Pay whatever you can afford; whatever my wisdom, insight (and ok, some sweat and tears) is worth to you.

Ecommerce changed my life, and I know they could change yours.

I would never want the price of a guide to stand in your way that could get you started on an exciting road towards financial independence.

I bring 25 years' of experience to the table managing large, profitable, corporate Ecommerce web stores. I share that knowledge with you.

In addition, I'm also in the trenches every day. I own, manage and consult for several online stores. I practice what I preach.

What's Included

In case you need more convincing...

My 80-page eBook is packed with time-tested advice, actual website examples, and original ideas.

It's easy to read, and broken down into four straightforward sections:

I. Create a Lean Startup Business Plan in 30-minutes or Less!

II. The Zero Moment of Truth

III. Multi Touch-point Experience

IV. Twelve functional Ecommerce Business Areas

Plus, a Lean Startup Business Plan Workbook and Separate Worksheet!

Advice is nothing without action...

So, you'll also get a 10-page workbook to help you get started on creating a Lean Startup Business Plan in 30-minutes or less.

Also, a fillable PDF file for you to complete and save/print.

Here's a sample of what it includes:

- Lean Startup explained

- 9 Key Areas explained (with prompts to follow)

- Completed example business plan

- Business Plan Worksheet

And much more!

Why Others Love It

Paul G, President Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club.

Charles G, CEO ZooZoo Web

Marty H, CEO MVI

Why You Should Listen to Me

Hi! My name is Eugene Brill. Since 2015 I’ve been making my living as an Ecommerce entrepreneur, Business Advisor, Entrepreneur in Residence, Lead Mentor, Marketing Coach and Photographer.

Before that, I worked as Vice President of Marketing & Operations at The Richline Group, a Berkshire Hathaway Company where I oversaw several large Ecommerce ventures.

As an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR), I’ve worked with numerous Ecommerce companies at several Impact Accelerators and Business Incubators, working with aspiring entrepreneurs just like you.

I know what it's like to be in your shoes, and I also know that I wish

I've done my best to address questions -- and provide tips and resources -- in this comprehensive guide.

Ecommerce changed my life, and it could change yours.

Grab this guide to begin your new adventure today!

PS. Don't forget it's only $9.99 -- so seriously, what do you have to lose?

PSS. Know someone that could benefit from this eBook? Forward this link to them:

Copyright© 2020 Published by: Eugene L. Brill, LLC

I want this!

This 80-page eBook is packed with time-tested advice, actual website examples, and original ideas.

PLUS, a Lean Startup Business Plan Workbook!
AND, a Separate Fillable PDF Worksheet!
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The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce: Make the Cash Register Ring!

5 ratings
I want this!